SourceGet (beta)

Welcome to SourceGet. An evolution of NuGet.

Add open source to your next project faster via SourceGet. Integration with Github means you always have access to the latest commits. By leveraging NuGet's package management features with our automated pacakge creation, distributing your open source has never been easier!

To view the packages hosted by SourceGet just add our package feed to your list of Nuget feeds.

How easy is it?

Just add a repo and your package is now available on the SourceGet feed. Package creation is based on your Github repo so there's no settings here you need to address. Titles and descriptions and all the files necessary are based on your repo. Here is a sample repo to get you started.


Please see our Google Group for any discussions related to the site. If you find any bugs or want to provide feedback, please see our Uservoice site. How we can make it better? What features are missing? How can you help? Go there for any questions.


Many new features are in the works. This is a public preview to see how to proceed. Let us know what you think. We're slowly working on documentation. You can help by forking our documentation repo. We'll be updating the documentation over the next few days.