About Sourceget

This site was conceived by Ben Dornis as a way to easily create packages from Github repos. It's gone through many revisions as the core functionality was revised and built upon through the advice and support of the following.

Thanks goes to the following

Special Thanks

  • Jon Galloway for putting up with me and all my questions. Without him and his support this site wouldn't be nearly what it is today. His advice has been invaluable to me.
  • David Fowler and his wonderful JabbR. I pestered him non-stop about how Nuget works.

Open source

This site will be open-sourced shortly and will be hosted on Github.

Nuget packages used on this site

  • DotNetZip - DotNetZip is an easy-to-use, FAST, FREE class library and toolset for manipulating zip files or folders.
  • ELMAH - ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) is an application-wide error logging facility that is completely pluggable.
  • Glimpse - Glimpse is a web debugging and diagnostics tool used to gain a better understanding of whats happening inside of your ASP.NET 4.0 application.
  • Errlusion - Easy, non-configuration based, http error handling for Asp.Net MVC 3.
  • Json.NET - Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET.
  • MarkdownDeep - MarkdownDeep is a high performance .NET Markdown engine along with a 100% compatible JavaScript implementation for client side use.
  • MiniProfiler - Lightweight mini-profiler, in particular designed for ASP.NET MVC 3 and ASP.NET sites.
  • Ninject - Stop writing monolithic applications that make you feel like you have to move mountains to make the simplest of changes.
  • NLog - NLog is a logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. It can help you produce and manage high-quality logs for your application regardless of its size or complexity.
  • RavenDB - Raven is a document database for the .NET/Windows platform, offering a flexible data model design to fit the needs of real world systems.
  • RazorGenerator - MVC View engine that supports precompiled Razor views.
  • RouteMagic - RouteMagic is a library of useful Routing helpers.